System Design Help
Follow the instructions below and fill out the form to get personalized, micro spray and drip irrigation system design help.
Important Information
To complete your request for system design help, we just need a couple more pieces of important information. These final bits of information will help give us a more complete understanding of your irrigation needs.
In which part of the country do you live? What soil type do you have?
Where you live and what soil type you have can be a determining factor in what products we recommend you use. If you are unsure of your soil type, download this PDF for instructions on a simple way to find out.
Are you on city water or well water?
Water source can help determine the need for filters and pressure regulators.
What is your water pressure? What is your flow rate?
Insert the water pressure and/or flow rate data you obtained in step one. As a reminder, if you do not have the actual PSI, utilize the simple flow rate test described in step one.
Water Pressure: My household water pressure is:
Flow Rate: My 1 gallon container was filled in
How many faucets do you have? And how many are you wanting to use?
Keep in mind, whether using just one faucet or all of them, a “Y” fitting can be connected first. This way, hoses etc. can be used without having to disconnect the Mister Landscaper system. Note: If you desire to USE fewer faucets than actually exist, be sure to note on your drawing which faucets you DO want to utilize.
I have
I want to use
Drippers or Micro Sprays?
There are a number of options when it comes to Mister landscaper low-volume irrigation. We will design a system that meets your needs and wants. If you prefer to use one form of low-volume irrigation over another, indicate that here. Otherwise, choose “Both” for the most optimal solution.
Image Upload
Please upload your completed landscape drawing and any supporting images, including pictures of all landscape areas where irrigation is to be installed. Ideally, landscape images will include faucet locations.
Request Complete
Once you submit your information, we will send a confirmation email. A drawing and shopping list will be emailed within 3-5 business days. Please be advised that, while we do attempt to provide accurate and complete irrigation system solutions, the drawings and lists provided are only recommendations.