From kits to nail clamps, find everything you need to build the perfect Mister Landscaper system.

Replacement Parts

 Lose a small part? Here are a few replacements we offer.

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Blue 10 GPH Diaphragm Replacement Part for all Violet Flow Controllers on Stake Assemblies and Mister Risers. (Qty 5)
10 GPH Flow-Controlled 1/4-in Coupler that holds the flow rate at various water pressures. (Qty 2)
Replacement caps for tops of Adjustable Drippers MLD-ADB and Adjustable Dripper Stakes MLD-STA. (QTY 5)
1/4-in Vinyl Locking Collars for Micro-Sprays with Micro-Stake Assemblies. (QTY 10)
Replacement caps for use with MLA-1RA, MLA-2RA, MLA-4RA4 and MLA-RA9. (Qty 5)