Company History
Mister Landscaper has been partnered with Maxijet,Inc, manufacturers of high quality micro spray and drip irrigation products for more than 35 years.
Mister Landscaper History
Mister Landscaper, Inc., is partnered with Maxijet, Inc., a U.S. manufacturer of quality, low-volume irrigation products. The Thayer family, a fifth-generation of Florida citrus growers, has pioneered this low-volume spray jet technology from 1972 to present day. In 1985, Sam Thayer followed in the family's footsteps by bringing to the company new inventions that helped the company expand its sales in the agricultural, nursery and commercial landscape markets. After running Maxijet for several years with Dianne Halliday, they decided to launch the retail division, Mister Landscaper, Inc., in 1991.
From the outset of the company, both Sam and Dianne have been motivated by the desire to give homeowners the ability to water their landscapes and gardens just like professional growers irrigate their nurseries and groves. Today, the company has succeeded in its goals. Mister Landscaper is now a nationwide and worldwide company. And with the hard work of our incredible employees and our loyal customers, this company continues to grow by leaps and bounds.
- The Mister Landscaper Team